Topics: Sociology, Scientific method, Cultural studies Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: October 7, 2013
 Sociologists do so much of their research outside the laboratory, since science is always changing; it’s a process in discovering how the world works. Sociologists are built amongst principles from there studies and investigations. They usually focus on human beings, through their complex experiences within the world, by studying them; sociologists gather a full understanding and idea of the social elements around the world. Sociologists usually follow certain steps while conducting their research like; forming a hypothesis, building a research design, collecting data, analyzing the data collected, making generalizations. This allows them to get a clear point on there topic, to form a clear analyze to present. Sociologist’s research is necessary, by giving us an idea/implication of how our society may be in the near future. They explain how society and people function in the world and what will remain and change in our community’s. They look into our society that creates a social theory. By being able to understand social problems amongst society, like organizations and different types of individuals. Some advantages are, by retrieving information on human interactions. They have unique ability’s to define crucial dimensions of a problem, by isolating the most critical variables that affect it through action. It allows investigators enough control to examine cause and effects of relationships. They also answer/ look into why something happens. Some advantages are that the statistics may be out of date, of the issue being presented that the other researcher may need. Some of the research you may have gathered may be wrong through the insufficient social theories. References

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