Sociology 201 Essay

Topics: Gender, Labor force, Labor Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Omar Youssef
ID: 900091522
SOC 201
Dr. Helen Rizzo
Date due: 2nd December 2012
Critical essay #3
Throughout history in almost all civilizations women have suffered great inequalities when compared to men. In many cases families stress on educating their sons rather than their daughters, companies often employ men instead of women, men are expected to be stronger and achieve more in life than it is expected of women. It is only recent that signs of equality of both genders are starting to emerge, with the works of awareness and modernization, societies are slowly beginning to treat both genders the same and believe they have the same capabilities; people are finally starting to have similar expectations for both men and women. Contrary to common belief, the higher the education rate is in a certain country doesn’t necessarily mean the higher the labor force participation will be. This is shown clearly in countries like Rwanda where the education rates for both men and women are equally very low while the labor force participation rates for both genders are almost equally as high as one another. The reason for this might be that Rwanda is a country that lacks wealth and is considered one of the much poorer nations of the world and therefore both genders are needed to work more for the sake of survival. In a country like Kuwait where the rate of education for women is surprisingly about 10 percent higher than the rate of men, yet the rate of labor participation for men is almost double the amount of the rate for women. This could be explained in terms of both modernization and religion. Religion plays a clear role in Kuwait as the dominant religion in that country is Islam which clearly states that it is favored for men to work and earn money for the household while women become stay at home wives. Seeing that it is a very wealthy and technologically advanced nation, you can see the role of modernization taking place in that country if compared with another...
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