Topics: Writing, Critical thinking, Essay Pages: 11 (2348 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Mt. San Jacinto College, Menifee
Spring, 2013
English 98: English Fundamentals, Sec. 3816
T Th 8:00-9:50 AM, Room 505
Lecturer: David Schwankle

Course Overview
English 98 is an introduction to college writing that will develop your competence in rhetoric: how to write well and persuasively in specific ways for specific purposes. As part of the process, we will review relevant bits of English grammar in order to improve our editing skills; we will read a variety of essays that we will respond to in writing; and we will practice the art of argumentation, an art that no college writer can afford to ignore. Because it is useful to research information relevant to our topics of argument, and because much of our writing will in some measure respond to what we read during the term, we will also practice proper citation and documentation of those sources according to MLA style guidelines.

Course Description
This course provides practice in English composition with emphasis on the multi- paragraph essay, with a review of mechanics and paragraphing. The course also introduces students to using library resources. Successful completion will prepare students for English 101.

Course Learning Outcomes
By successfully completing English 98, you should be able to: • Use critical thinking skills in creating compositions. These essays (cumulatively) will total at least 3,000 words/12 typed pages. • Demonstrate the impact of audience on a composition. • Use the appropriate rhetorical mode(s) for a given writing situation. • Organize short essays in a clear, unified, and coherent manner. • Create effective thesis statements.

• Create topic sentences that clearly support thesis statements. • Read critically and respond constructively to written texts. • Demonstrate competence in standard American English: grammar, usage, and spelling. • Explore library and alternative research methods.

• Evaluate library and internet sources.
• Interact effectively with a community of writers, reading critically and responding constructively to compositions and group activities.

Required Texts and Materials
Subject and Strategy: A Writer’s Reader. 12th Ed.

Course Grading
Essay #1 (Narrative, 2-3 pp.) 50 pts.
Essay #2 (Example, 2-3 pp.) 75 pts.
Essay #3 (Process Analysis, 2-3 pp.)100 pts.
Essay #4 (Definition, 2 pp.)120 pts.
Essay #5 (Researched Argument 3-5 pp.)125 pts.
5 Critical Essays (1-2 pp.) 200 pts.
Reading Responses, Other In-Class Exercises130 pts.
Workshop Attendance and Participation 100 pts.
Final Essay100 pts.
1000 pts.

900-1000 Points =A
800-899 Points = B
700-799 Points = C
600-699 Points =D
< 600 Points = F

Grading Criteria for Written Work

All of your essays will be graded on a point scale that corresponds to the letter grade scale of A-F. For example, an “A” essay will be awarded points in the range of 90-100 % of the total possible points for a particular assignment; a “B” essay will be awarded points in the range of 80-89 % of the total possible points; a “C” essay awarded 70-79 %, etc. You will receive a handout that very generally describes the characteristics of differently graded essays.

I will be posting the grades of your assignments on Blackboard. I strongly suggest you keep abreast of your progress by checking Blackboard’s “Grade Center” from time to time. You should also safely and neatly file all your returned assignments to understand how your writing needs to improve over the term and to double-check the accuracy of my record-keeping.

Reading Assignments
Readings are to be completed for the sessions in which they appear on the schedule—that is, read the scheduled assignments before coming to class. In class, we...
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