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5 Reasons Holistic Nursing is Important
Holistic health care is the concept of treating not only the physical symptoms of disease, but the patient’s emotional and spiritual needs as well. A nurse who practices holistic health care must address a patient’s medical needs while attending to their concerns and emotional well-being. The concept of body, mind and spirit as a cohesive unit has been lost in conventional medicine. Holistic health care, however, brings all three back into primary focus as integral parts of the whole that must be addressed if the patient is to fully recover. Nurses and Holistic Healthcare

Nurses who practice holistic health care encourage spiritual interaction and acknowledge the patient’s beliefs as a part of their unique view of the healing process. Praying with patients before they undergo a major operation may be just what they need to put them at ease with their decision to go through with a procedure. Nurses can ask about a patient’s beliefs or share their own with them if they are open to it. Connecting through spiritual bonds is a natural way to promote healing and elicit a healing response. Embracing the need for touch is also a vital part of holistic medicine. Nurses who practice holistic health care understand the importance of touch. The simple touch of a hand can relieve fears and calm an anxious patient who may not have anyone accompanying them. A child who does not understand what is going on can be soothed by a comforting voice and the reassurance of the nurse as they hold their hand during a procedure. Light massage can be relaxing for a patient who is stressed due to an uncertain prognosis. Infants and small children respond well to massage and being held when they do not feel well or have to undergo any type of medical procedure. Holistic Nursing Concepts

The concepts of holistic nursing allow nurses and caregivers to rely on their personal experiences to understand what a patient may be feeling at any given...
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