Sociological Theories

Topics: Sociology, Karl Marx, Conflict theory Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: February 7, 2011
Chapter one there are three different types of sociological theories. The three types are functionalist theory, conflict theory, and symbolic theory. We will cover and talk about the differences. First is the functionalist theory. The functionalist theory is when the people who live in the area are all part of a bigger plan. Everyone there is an equal no one has more than anyone else. When I think about functionalist I think of farm. As in like the whole community works on the farm like someone feed and mike cows and someone male food the cows eat so and and so forth. August Comte and Herbert Spencer viewed society as a kind of living organism. When all the people are working together is called normal and when there not it’s abnormal The conflict theory provides a third perspective on social life. Unlike the functionalists, who view society as harmonious whole, with its parts working together, conflict theorists talk about society being composed of groups that are competing with one another for scarce resources. Karl Marx is the founder of this theory. This is like slavery to me because slaves worked for a higher power for very little are no pay at all. Soon people get mad and rise up to the greater power and demand a change. The last one is symbolic theory witch is when people develop and share their views of the world, and focus on micro level. This is like used when people back in the day didn’t read and right. The easy way to talk to people is with pictures. They are easy to understand than writing. There are many differences between these things. For one they were all made up in different area of times, and locations in the world. All the theories are made but by different people, and they had their way of thinking of it. They all apply for different part of life, but very close. One thing they do haven common is that they all related to groups of people. Is takes a group of people to make it work. All these theories have happened in...
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