Sociological Theories

Topics: Sociology, Marxism, Anthropology Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Which of the four sociological theories is most relevant to contemporary society?

The four sociological theories; Feminism, Functionalism, Marxism and Post Modernism, all are relevant to contemporary society. Whether it be because they have influenced people or still influencing people’s thoughts and opinions within society. The two theories that are largely relevant in society is Feminism and Post Modernism.

Feminism is relevant to contemporary society because it analyses men and women in society today with the hope to better women’s lives and bring equality to men. Feminism is the theory that where they believe women are oppressed by males and they want equality, the reason this is relevant to contemporary society is due to the fact that women are still not equal in today’s society, they still get paid less for the same job, they still are being abused and raped without anyone’s help, and they still don’t get the top ranking jobs, over males.

Post Modernism is relevant to everyday society as this theory is about everyday society Post Modernism shows the differences between the 20th century and now. Post Modernism is relevant to everyday society because it is about how diverse, fragmented and constantly changing society and the hybrid consumerist. Post Modernism relates to contemporary society as the theory is based around contemporary society and how people are more accepting to people being openly gay or not coming from the same culture but getting married and having children. If that had happened before 1945 you would have been shunned from society or punished as it didn’t fit in with the beliefs of the norms in society.

Functionalism isn’t really that relevant to contemporary society as the theory is about the family being at the heart of society, as the theory uses organic analogies. The functionalist theory believes that the family should be nuclear and will be the base structure of society however nowadays the family are less likely to be...
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