Sociological Perspective

Topics: Sociology, Psychology, Social sciences Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: May 17, 2011
The Sociological perspective stresses the social context in which people live. In other words it’s why we do the things that we do, such as our beliefs, attitudes, and guidelines we live by. It examines how these contexts influence people’s lives. It can also be defined as understanding human behavior by placing it within its broader social context. At the center of the sociological perspective is the question of how groups influence people, especially how people are influenced by society. A society is a group of people who share a culture and a territory.

Sociology is similar to the other social sciences; it is also different as well. The other social sciences include anthropology, economics, political science, and psychology. Like sociology, anthropology studies the culture within. It also studies a group structure, belief systems, and deals with communication. Economics is similar to sociology because if refers to how societies goods and services are distributed, and how that distribution results in inequality. With political science you study how people govern one another, and how those in power affect people’s lives. Last but not least there’s psychology. Like sociology, psychology studies how people adjust to the difficulties of life.

With similarities come all kinds of differences in most cases. Sociologists focus primarily on industrialized societies unlike anthropology which focus on tribal people. Economists and political science focus on more than one social institution, sociology focus on a single institution. Unlike psychologists, sociologists stress factors external to the individual to determine what influences people and how they adjust to life. Psychologists focus on the internal parts of your life.

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