Sociological Perspective

Topics: Sociology, Word, By the Way Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Sociological perspective is not a phrase we as a society hear often, and it is definitely not words we use on a daily basis. When asked to define sociological perspective you would immediately pick up a Webster dictionary or now these days “Google” the word. Have you ever wondered why it has become a habit to instantaneously pick up that phone at hit Google to look up the word? At a coincidence it is because of sociological perspective. In Sociology Looking through the Window of the World by Adrian Rapp and Lynda Dodgen, they state “The sociological perspective is a way of viewing the world.” Rapp and Dodgen state in a small summery, that as an individual we are programed to do what we like and how we like it. If we were to interact with a group of people “...the group phenomena becomes different from the individuals who make up the group.” In high school I always liked the after school activity and went to every football, basketball, and baseball game. Other sports like soccer did not really interest me as an individual, but my friends loved it! So when spring rolled around and soccer was the sport to watch my friends would ask me what I was going to do, and not wanting to be an outsider I decided to go to the games with them. Another way I have been influenced is by co-workers. I work at a bank and all of my co-workers get their nails done; either a simple painting of the nails or getting the fake acrylic on the nail. When I say every single woman in my banking center, I mean every single woman that works either as a teller or sales associate to mangers get their nails done. So every two weeks I get my nails done as well. Another example is influenced by my boyfriend; he loves to play video games. Most women do not like to play video games and I most certainly was one of them. Well unfortunately the game system is hooked up to my favorite sixty inch TV; so when he is playing I sit in boredom watching him play. Now when he plays I sit along with him learning...
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