Sociological Observation

Topics: Baseball, Sociology, Fielder's choice Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: September 30, 2012
I began my Sociological Observation Paper at the town’s local baseball field. It was about 8:30 p.m. when the game began, and it was about this time when I noticed the connections between the baseball players and the weary watchers. The event can be called a sort of an aggregate, a term used to describe a group of people found at a certain place at a certain time which I became acquainted with on the 25th of June towards the end of the class lecture. While there, I was a bit absent-minded, seeing as I had take notes of the behavior of the people watching while keeping close ties to the players’ interactions with one another. I recall the towering posts which seemed to oversee the game, showering the ballpark with light. Describing the physical setting, the field was split in half in order to differentiate the two opposing teams, cars were parked distantly in order to prevent a broken windshield, and portable folding chairs trailed along the fresh-cut grass. There were people of all ages, adults chit-chatting, teens socializing with their “peers”, and the unmistakable cries of smaller children clashing with yelps of excitement were heard coming from the crowd. The ambiance, or mood, of the park could generally be described as relaxed. I overheard a group of people, specifically an older man and woman (dyad), discussing their usual tiring day at work and how they decided to spend their Monday night cheering on their local team as an escape from their monotonous workday. As for the pace, it progressed rather smoothly. Each inning grasped more and more attention from the crowd as the score was very close throughout the entire game. A key aspect that I observed was the crowds’ use of Non-verbal communication, studied in Chapter 3 on June, 13th. I caught wind of many grunts coming from both opposite sides of the field when their team player struck out, especially when an error occurred; perhaps it was a norm to screech and shoot scowls when you favorite team member...
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