Sociological Imagination

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  • Published : June 25, 2013
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Social issues have always been key problems to many countries, may it be racism, hunger, overpopulation and so on. These social issues have shaped our society to what it is today. Thus, nation stereotyping is explicit. Moreover, these issues have greatly produced citizens with varied views about the subject matter including the youth who plays the bigger role of the general public nowadays. For many of the youth, childhood may be easy as just playing and going to school. I, myself, was once clueless, carefree and in some ways innocent standing in the thin line isolating my comfort zone and the real world. However, as time flies, I was able to harness my mind to the realities of life. I would not devote this paper in tackling mainstream social issues like poverty or what so. Instead, I will be reflecting on those issues which I have witnessed personally. As a youngster, I admit that I am an enthusiastic fan of eating. Children are known for having a big appetite for tasty food and junk foods are not out of the question. I used to eat bags of chips in one day but then it struck me, too much is always bad. I suddenly do not feel healthy anymore. Then I sparked an interest on what makes junk food so attractive to children even though the food products marketed oftentimes are deemed unhealthy because of their high calorie, high fat, and high sugar contents. I realized that media was a big part of it. They make junk foods look ‘good’ through their advertisements with the use of colorful pictures, catchy tunes, and the like. A further aspect that makes this a sociological problem is the effects of eating junk foods that threatens child health. The food industry has been blamed by many for the increase in childhood obesity by targeting the child demographic in marketing. As my junk food eating days have gone by, I decided to revamp my lifestyle and be a health conscious person. I did it without the influence of anyone but because of my demanding routine as a student and...
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