Sociological Imagination

Topics: Sociology, Social class, Family Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: September 8, 2012
I strongly believe that Sociological forces have influenced my decision to undertake tertiary study. In this essay I will argue against the statement “I believe sociological forces of class and ethnicity had power to influence my ideas to undertake tertiary study toward becoming a Social Practitioner”. I disagree with this statement as I believe multiple decisions made by myself and my parents have mapped out my current path by using sociological factors of identity within my Economic status and family structure.

My family and I continue to have an open door policy of which my mother introduced, from troubled people young and old. I believe my mother willingly accepted them, additionally caring for her own. According to Lenoir, Pg 412, (1974) “when it comes to those living in poverty the solution is not sought in reformation of the economic system but in the reformation of the poor by reintroducing them into stronger communities. I feel I’ve contained some of my mother’s qualities by assisting people in similar situations, by coaching and leading.

I felt my mother enjoyed being ‘that’ advocate through supporting others. The sociological forces of this were that she merely stood for what she believed in which was ‘change’ by accommodating new influences and finding ways to support the disadvantaged (Anae, 2001). I feel by carrying out my mothers concept of change, I needed shared aims from the community, this was my goal by exploring a vision I sensed as development.

The position my father held within our culture I sensed minimal power of where we stood as Maori. “Naming ones-self’ validates own existence as a half-caste, born in New Zealand, raised as a kiwi and faced with understanding what ‘Samoan’ is” (Marsh, 1997). I identify very closely with my Pacific heritage, although I see myself as being much a Maori as a Samoan.

I didn’t have to choose my parents life style although I had the power to change what I wanted for my life, but chose not to....
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