Sociological Foundation of Education

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  • Published: July 11, 2013
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A short paper on
Sociological Foundation of Education
-By Gopi Chandra Upreti
M. Phil. Development Studies, KUSOED
Kathmandu, Nepal.

Education is a process of learning. It is a kind of method to get knowledge in human life. As John Dewey said education ‘brings out all capabilities’ of human beings. It helps us to live our life independently. Accordingly, Socrates said that education has taken out our ideas from ‘innate capabilities’ so that we can know everything of the world. Education has certain functions as we observe its nature. The nature of education can be divided into four groups. They are: formal, non-formal and informal; general and specific; direct and indirect; and individual and collective. These educations have different functions that help an individual and nation to progress in respects. The functions of education, as Dewey said, is to change an indifferent creature into a happy man with incite what he has got. So, different functions of education are: Individual, Social, Economic, National and International. Education is thus helpful to all of us from individual to international level. The goal and purpose of education is to change behavior of human beings. Human beings want to experience new things and they are searching ideas to attain that. It is possible only through education. So, broadly speaking we can divide the goals of education into two categories: Individual and Social. Education has changed us individually because it makes us aware about personal rights and independence. Similarly it aims to change society as well. It helps us to change the social rules, functions and customs. It makes us aware about the values of society and so on. Thus, the aim of education is to contribute for development of any society.

Sociological Foundation of Education
Sociological concept is not odd in the history of human beings. People live in community and they perform mutual behavior or coordination to lead their life....
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