Sociological Concepts

Topics: Sociology, Max Weber, C. Wright Mills Pages: 3 (720 words) Published: October 9, 2011
SOCS 185 Week 5 Socioautobiography Assignment Information and Rubric

Below are guidelines to follow as you work on your socioautobiography assignment:

* Papers should be in APA format, with a title page.
* Papers should contain 3-4 pages of text, double-spaced (this does not include the title page). * Refer to at least six sociological concepts covered in the lectures or textbook reading. Highlight these concepts in boldface. * Connect your concepts to the TCOs. Indicate the TCOs covered in parentheses, as demonstrated in the assignment instructions.

Grading Rubric:
Component| Points Possible|
Submission refers to at least six sociological concepts covered in the lectures or textbook reading| 55| Submission relates each concept to the appropriate TCO| 20| Submission meets minimum length requirement of three to four pages of text| 10| Submission is well-written and well-organized and free from mechanical errors (errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar)| 10| Submission is in correct APA format, with a title page| 5| | 100 TOTAL POINTS|

The following excerpt on a socioautobiography is taken directly from: Kanagy, C. L., & Kraybill, D. B., (1999). The Riddles of Human Society. Thousand Oaks, CA: Pine Forge Press. (Pp. 287, 288,289).

“The purpose of the socioautobiography is to use the insights from sociology to better understand your own story; it is a way of using the concepts of sociology to explore our personal riddle. But the socioautobiography is not a diary or a point-by-point account of your life since infancy. It is rather a reflective exercise in which you step outside of yourself and employ sociological concepts to interpret your experiences. . . . it uses the concepts of the discipline to interpret our life in its social context. (p. 287)

“The socioautobiography follows the tradition of C. Wright Mills, a sociologist who emphasized the influence of society on the...
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