Sociological Aspects in "The Other Wes Moore"

Topics: Education, High school, Sociology Pages: 3 (1346 words) Published: December 21, 2012
McKersin Previlus
Midterm Paper
Individual Project Part I

The book I chose to do this project on was the book by Wes Moore titled “the other Wes Moore”. The reason I had chosen this is because I was able to relate to it a lot more than any of the other books in the choices that were made present to me. Wes Moore does a great job in describing how easy one can make decisions that have long term reactions in everyone’s lives. This book was not one merely to tell a good story but one to educate of the many issues that we face in America and to perhaps change the minds of some of the youth out there. The book captures you into the lives of not only the author but that of the other Wes Moore who is a felon in prison serving a life time sentence for the part he served in the shooting of a police officer. The book starts you from the very beginning of their lives so that you can track down from the beginning where and how these two men ended up on the path that lead them where they are today and where that dramatic split occurred between their two destinies. The book does a great job of attacking our pre-notions of the book because the author Wes Moore’s life wasn’t all glamour and perfect and the other Wes Moore’s life wasn’t all in the streets filled with violence and crime as one would have though and thus making the book all the more interesting. In reading the book the deciding factor that was evidence to getting the author Wes Moore on the right track in life was his shipment away to Valley Forge military school where he then entered an institution where their primary focus was to re-socialize. To have lived very comfortably in one setting of your life to then have that dramatically be turned around is quite the experience and can traumatize many people. Wes Moore the author certainly did not have an easy time coping with this change in his life and often rebelled upon arriving there. He had to get accustomed to many previous life experiences that he no...
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