Sociological Analytical Theories

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  • Published : November 29, 2012
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Name:Stanley Mutagurwa

Professor: Arlis Barclay


Date:October 17th 2012

Sociological analytical theories are ideologies based on observation and empirical analysis of societies and their behavior. We have come to learn more about societies and their behavior through the use of different sociological analytical theories. However, some theories have lost favor from people due to changes in both time and space while others have widely been accepted by the public sphere as a whole as they stand upon values well supported by people at large. The theories have contributed to increased knowledge on the society status and the social behaviour tremendously. In this review, I have analyzed the social status of New York regarding their view on homosexuality, and how it has affected the behavior of the society members using a press release on the suspension of a Blue Jay shortstop, Yunel Escobar. The suspension is as a result of the slur eye black he had on his face before the game commenced. The slur gave an impression of indifference to the gay people all around North America. The eye-black sticker reduces the sun’s glare hence it’s worn under the eyes. The purpose of this article will be to outline a sociological analytical theory approach to the study on the understanding of homosexuality in New York, and the influence homosexuality has brought to the members of New York. In the course of this study, the presentation of the assumptions and concepts of the social theories will resurface clearly. The article will focus mainly on Five sociological theories recognized and analyzed. The sociological theories are; Functional, critical, symbolic interactionism, postmodernism and feminism theories. In the newspaper, Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar comes into the Toronto playground wearing a homophobic slur under his eyes. The slur, written in Spanish, results in a three-game suspension for Yunel Escobar from...
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