Sociological Analysis of Crash

Topics: White people, Racism, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: March 21, 2012
The film touches on a host of social problems, including racial inequality, racial profiling, and institutional racism. The film follows a dozen characters as their lives intertwine, and their dissatisfaction with life is exposed. Anthony and Peter are two black men angry at the world for its perceived anti-blackness. Rick Cabot is the district attorney of Los Angeles and his wife, Jean is a high-strung woman filled with contempt for the people who serve her. Two black men, Anthony and Peter, leave a coffee shop and discuss racism in our society. They pass by a middle-class white couple, LA District Attorney Rick Cabot and his wife Jean. She clings to her husband, and Anthony points out that they’re the ones who should feel threatened, as they are the only black men in a sea of white people. They pull out guns, run up to the couple, and carjack them.

The scene switches to a white LAPD officer talking to a black insurance representative about his father. He reveals his racism when she The same officer is driving in a car with his partner Tom, when they spot a black Lincoln Navigator. Despite it being a different vehicle, John decides to pull them over. Cameron, a TV producer is driving the vehicle. John tells Cameron to perform an exercise to prove his sobriety, and his wife Christine gets impatient and insists that her husband has had nothing to drink. After she continues to backtalk, John arrests both of them, and gives Christine an invasive pat-down, where he gropes her crotch. Tom talks to his superior and tells him he wants a new partner. In their bedroom, Christine chides Cameron for doing nothing while the police officer violated her.

At the Cabot home, Jean tells Rick she wants the locked changed in the morning, because she believes Daniel is going to give the keys to all his “gangbanger” friends. Meanwhile, Farhad hires Daniel to fix the lock to his store, and Daniel informs him that his entire door is broken. Farhad’s limited English and mistrust of...
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