Sociologest- Human Behaviour

Topics: Sociology, Socialization, Human Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: November 11, 2011
The claim made by some sociologist that human behavior revolves around socialization. Behavior is at times a determinant of external stimulus. How true is this? We do best to define key terms such as socialization, and sociologist. The definition of socialization is the process by which persons learn and generally accepts the establish ways of a particular social group or society. Also a sociologist is one that studies the human behavior. The father of sociology is August Comte. He believed that the evolution of society followed ‘invariable laws’. Meaning the behavior of humans was governed by principles of cause and effect that was just as invariable as the behavior of matter. Max Weber, a sociologist, argued of sociological explanations of action should begin with observing and interpreting the subjective ‘state of minds’ of people. We do well to ask to which agent of socialization has the strongest effect on the human behavior originates.

Using the Maxist theory we know for human survival, particular needs must be met and in doing so ‘social relationships’ are formed. We all should be aware that the first agent of socialization is the family. The family is a primary group. It is here socialization and interaction begins. The parents are responsible for teaching their child/children the skills needed to be a part of society. Language and other aspects are taught to which the child accepts and emits when he/she leaves the family. Within this group, many factors may affect one’s behavior. For example the environment to which one lives in. A child will not be a child forever. Before you know it they’ve reach the age of socializing with other ‘peer’s’.

The second agent we may take a look at is the peer group. Much of socialization takes place whether it may be male or female, the behavior patterns differ. In this group, one is exposed to multiple types of personalities and behavior. In every circumstance present, the behavior will be altered. Peer group is a...
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