Sociocultural Theory

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  • Published : August 31, 2011
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My choice for the most relevant theory is Sociocultural Theory. This theory focuses upon modeling watching others behaviors. Guided participation plays a major role in sociocultral theory and can be called the central concept. The central concept that cultural patterns and beliefs are social construction help anchor this theory. This theory uses proximal development which consists of the skills, knowledge and concepts that the learner is close to understanding. Guided participation is used to help guide you in the right direction with knowledge and everyday tasks. A process called joint construction helps you attain new information after its given to you to learn. I have chosen it as the most relevant to developmental psychology because people always learn in the same way whether it’s a skill or custom.

This theory reminds us that human development is in everyday social interaction. Sociocultural theory looks outwards to the social, historical, and cultural patterns that affect us. If I had to give an example of sociocultural theory I would relate it to me trying to teach my son to crawl. I get down on all four and go through the motion of crawling with him intensely watching. After a few attempts he continues to watch me and do every step as my example. Another good example would be me teaching my son sign language, when its time to eat I place him in his high chair , then use my voice to ask him would he like more to eat. Waiting for a response I also use hand signs to grab his attention. After repeating simple signs for a few words he is showing My choice for least relevant theory is Epigenetic Theory. This theory focuses upon the interactions between genetic instructions and surrounding contexts. It uses three important disciplines such as biology, genetics, and chemistry. Epigenetic theory puts two halves together and states that interactions can halt, modify, or strengthen the effects of someone’s genes. Genes are always affected by environmental...
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