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Socio-Economic Condition of Kanshari Community

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Socio-Economic Condition of Kanshari Community

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All praises go to almighty Creator, for His Mercy that makes us able to complete this study Paper. We would like to express our sincere Gratitude and thanks to Sanjoy Kumar Chanda, Asst. Professor, Sociology Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh, for his constant guidance, Encouragement, cooperation and helpful suggestion in every stage of preparing the paper. We would also like to thank the respondents and participants of Kansari community who kindly helped us by giving many information. We are also grateful to our classmates who helped us in various way.

Group ‘F’
Sezan Tanvir
Anamika Mitra
Nayan Moni Sarker
Farhana Sultana
Umme Homayra Liza
Sociology Discipline
Khulna University

This study was conducted on the Kansari community in Khulna. The main objective of the study was to identify the socio-economic condition of the Kansari people. To construct the dtudy, two Focus Group Discussion were used as method of data collection. Khansaris’ are the one of the most integral parts of our Bengali culture. From the British & pre British period this culture took a great place in our Bengali society. Though for various reasons this culture is getting diminished but after that some people also keep this trends. In every occasion of Hindu society the utensils of kansa takes the important part but now the picture is getting changed day by day. Mainly the people who are involved with making utensils with kansa or pitol they are counted as Kansari. They are not only involved with making but also repairs it. In Bangladesh the origin of Kansaris’ mainly indicates to Bikrompur, Dhaka & Polong, Soriotpur. In Khulna the Kansaris’ who are involved with this profession they are mainly lineage of those Kansaris’. There are only 3 people that I’ve found in Khulna city who are mainly involved in this business for 3-4 generation. Beside them there are...

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