Society Without Rules

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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If I lived in a society without any grown-ups or rules, that would be the average teenager’s ultimate dream. We would have more freedom since there aren’t any rules, and there wouldn’t be any grown-ups to tell us that we can’t do anything. Also, there wouldn’t be a point in having schools because there will be no teachers to teach us anything. We, as teenagers, would probably spend our days doing things that we wouldn’t do in front of our parents, like drive without a license, or have a party every night. And we would do this because there aren’t any rules to tell us that we can’t do that. We would be, as people say, “living our lives” because, as Drake says it, “You Only Live Once”.

Sure having no grown-ups around would be the best thing ever, but teenagers need their parents. We don’t always say it, but we know in our hearts that we need our parents and rules. We need them to tell us from right to wrong, what not to do and what to do. We also need some punishment sometimes, because we, teenagers, need some order once in a while. We also need them to be there for us when we need someone to talk to. Teenagers go through a lot of drama and sometimes friends don’t really help us get through it sometimes and getting advice from our parents is the best thing because they went through it. They were teenagers too and they know what to do because they learned from their mistakes.

So I think having a society without rules and grown-ups would be the best awful thing because yes, we teenagers are living the life, but also we need order from our parents and rules.
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