Society Is the Biggest Contributor to Ones Identity

Topics: Profanity, Damnation, 2008 singles Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: March 4, 2012
‘Society is the biggest contributor to one’s identity and sense of belonging’ March 1st, 2013
“You’re Fired!”
“Go to hell, I don’t need this job! More like slavery! F**K you all!” Hmm, I think I went a bit far. I enjoyed that job. I enjoyed working there. The people, the places I was able to go, the salary, it all contributed to a happy life. A life which I was content with. But that’s all gone, thanks to my insolence. Well, what to do now… what do I tell Jonathon? Will he still marry me?! Oh god, he’s gonna break up with me isn’t he?! What do I do?! AARGH! Please god; don’t let him break up with me! Wait, I have to fix this. “Mr Hennigan! Wait!”

“Karen, leave! I don’t want you here anymore.”
“But Please Mr Hennigan, I need this job.”
“Karen, don’t make me call security. Out!”

I felt so angry. The blood inside me boiled. I saw red. I hated him! Before I could stop myself, I found myself clutching to a fire extinguisher, breathing heavily...then, CLUNK. The blood poured from his face. I couldn’t stop. CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK. By now he was definitely dead. *sigh* the bastard deserved it. I started to run, but then it hit me. “I just killed my boss!”

I couldn’t deal with the stress. I collapsed.
The next thing I remembered, I awoke, handcuffed to a bed, surrounded by police officers. They were shouting at me in a language I wasn’t familiar with. Chinese? Vietnamese? Malaysian? Yeah, Malaysian. I couldn’t compose myself. Did I really kill my boss? Please tell me I didn’t. One of the officers approached me. My forearms were already bleeding from the handcuffs. As the officer came closer, I noticed the grim expression on his face, and a club in his hand. “Anda telah mati! anda membunuh Encik Hennigan! Bersedia untuk kematian!”

Oh my god. What do I do…? I couldn’t understand these men, and they continued to hit me every time I didn’t answer them. As I lay there crying, they stood staring at me… Like I was an alien. I wasn’t comfortable in this place! I...
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