Society Has Long Forgotten the Names of the Victims

Topics: Murder, Death Penalty, Prison Pages: 2 (891 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Carol Ann Christensen, Cynthia Hinds, Mary Ann Nichols, Elizabeth Stride, Steven Tuomi. You may not recognize them, but these are the names of the victims of some of the most famous serial killers in history: Jack the Ripper, the Green River Killer, and Jeffrey Dahmer. How is it that people know quite well the names of killers, yet the names of their victims have been long forgotten? Society puts more emphasis on the killer than the victim. This is evident from the fact that many people are opposed to the death penalty. Although it is considered unethical by some, capital punishment is one of the most vital crime deterrents in society today, and the only punishment that fully serves justice; therefore, it should be supported by the federal government.  Some say the death penalty is a tool used for revenge. On the contrary, the death penalty is a tool used for justice. Most importantly, the penalty must be appropriate to the severity of the crime. If someone shows a callous disregard for human life and takes it from another, their life deserves to be taken as well. “Capital punishment is not only morally acceptable; it is indeed morally required in some cases” (Pro Death Penalty). It is also said that the death penalty is “legalized murder”. However, there is a difference between crime and punishment. In the case of the latter, the offender is deserving, while in the case of the former, the victim is innocent. Some argue that, as a punishment, life in prison is equal to or worse than capital punishment. Could justice be served equally well by putting the criminal in prison for life rather than putting him to death? “Life in prison” means that in six months the parole board could narrow the prisoner’s sentence to as few as 12 years in some states. In short, the death penalty is the only punishment that gives murderers what they deserve for so wantonly taking the life of another. It is fair to neither the victim nor the victim’s families that the killer should be...
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