Society, Culture, and Ethics of Airplanes

Topics: Airport, Aircraft, Fixed-wing aircraft Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: October 12, 2009
The price of an airline ticket has changed much than what it was years ago. “The average cost of a plane ticket within the U.S. plunged 9.1 percent to $315 during the first three months of 2009” (Johnson, J.) People can now travel cheaper and faster than they could before commercial airplanes became a reality; whether it is a vacation to Hawaii or a trip to see the Great Wall of China. This also allowed more immigrants to come to United States as it was viewed as hope for the poor, for them it meant a new life and freedom. Also, businesses have used airplanes as a method to communicate with one another and the American culture has been influenced by cultures from around the world. Participation in events in foreign countries such as Tour de France, Olympics, Major League baseball in America, boxing, etc… had more competition as more people can afford to travel to participate. Even people involved in politics used airlines as a transportation as to quickly meet certain people strategically. Aviations terms were created for easier communications between the pilot and the operator at the towers. Words or terms such as back taxi, angel flight, crab angle, $100 hamburger, and many more will have different meaning from what that is used every day. For example, the term “hundred dollar hamburger” is slang for private aviation pilots who just want an excuse to fly. There are some religious practices that were not allowed on planes as rules on the plan forbid them. Causing uproar for religious people, the issue would continue as the rules were made to protect everyone on the plane. Some devices were not allowed because they can interfere with the plane’s systems during start up or during flight. Jokes about planes during the flight were mostly taken seriously; from some religious jokes to bomb jokes. Even some words, such as bomb or terrorist became taboo during a visit to the airport. {draw:frame} Although there have been accidents with planes and a popular fear of...
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