Topics: Person, Sociology, Crime Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: March 9, 2013
1/4/12PBA Essay

Society may affect an individual limiting his/her personal goals. For example marriage, kids, and a person’s occupation. Many woman stop going after their dreams because of love ones. Social responsibility does hinder an individual personal happiness. Two examples of this is being a criminal and traits being pass down from generation to generation A person’s responblity in society can hinder him/her from achieving success. This is true because an indiuduals responblity can change how that person lives the rest of their life. For example in the book A DOLL’S HOUSE by Henrik Ibsen DR. Rank works as a doctor and he always take care of people yet no one ever takes care him. Another example is the relationship between DR. Rank and Nora society is stopping them from being together because of what people would say. Another way duties get in the way of achieving your goals is by being a criminal. In “once a criminal, Always a criminal ? Rehabilitation can work, if society takes it seriously” by Steven Cotterman. It is hard to find a job once u have a record. Society looks at them as an uneducated criminal and doesn’t give them a chance to get there life on the right tract. Which is why most crimes are committed by re offenders and 40% to 60% return to prison . However others think differently in “Honor killing “ by Nadyal Labi Noor was suppose to marry a man in Iraq which was set up by her father. But instead of doing that she moved to new York and started dressing like an American with jeans and makeup. That was against her religion and her father did not like that, so he flyed to newyork and killed his daughter because that is what happens in their...
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