Society's Debate on Body Art

Topics: Body modification, Body art, Body piercing Pages: 4 (1572 words) Published: April 23, 2012
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Society’s Debate on Body Art As a young adult I bare multiple piercings and soon may have a tattoo. The dilemma of getting a tattoo is due to the negative outlook that society has associated with both piercings and tattoos. Body piercings and tattoos have a well-known bad reputation. There are multiple complications that come with getting a tattoo like, infections, allergic reaction to the ink, and scarring (Gale Tattooing Risks). Piercing with an unclean needle can spread diseases, such as hepatitis and HIV, both of which can be associated with drug use and gang affiliation. People with tattoos and piercings have their own stereotype and have for many centuries. Nowadays a well built male with both arms covered in tattoos (known as sleeves) is assumed to be either a degenerate or an ex-gang member, when in reality the young man is a contemporary artist and his canvas is his body. The most recent debates regarding tattoos and body piercings have been going on for decades and suggest that the body is not a canvas for art. The argument should be that people are too closed minded to adapt to modern society to understand that people have begun tattooing and piercing their bodies as a sign of art, as well as a sign of love or for loyalty to an organization. “A 2001 survey of attitudes toward tattoos found 67 percent of the respondents labeling those with body art 'rebellious'. Respondents also felt it was risky personally and professionally to have tattoos,” (Tattoo Safety). Saying that it is risky personally and professionally is partiality true, the majority of corporate owned companies allow only one visible body piercing, if any and no visible tattoos. Eight-five percent of the people in the survey agree that people who have visible tattoos or body piercings should realize that this form of self-expression is likely to create obstacles in their career or personal...
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