Societies Sex Roles - Essay

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Societies Sex Roles
Male dominance is seen all over the world. There have been no recorded cases of a society where women have found equality in their tribes and women are never found doing the most prestigious activities (24). This is especially true in hunter-gatherer societies. Men gain prestige through what they have to offer. They go out on hunts that could last days and leave their wives to take care of the children at home. This may show that the wife is the one who is in power. The idea is just the contrary. When the men arrive back to the town with their bounty, they are greeted with great happiness for what they have brought. They brought what is the key to the “healthy” society, protein. This can be very hard to acquire and that difficulty lends itself to the prestige that the men find. For the most part, the whole town gets to join in on the feast, and because of this, the person who harvested the animal gets great recognition. With all of this recognition, comes all the power. Although women may find other foods such as fruits and vegetables, these items are rarely shared outside of the family. That is a reason why women also do not gain the same respect as the men do (24).

Women typically get left behind in these hunter-gatherer societies. While there are several reasons why, the most important reason is their obligation to have and take care of children. This burden interconnects with most other reasons that can be thought of as to why women stay behind. As soon as women become mature and strong enough to hunt, that means they are also mature and strong enough to have offspring. It is vital that the women take proper care of their children to ensure that the tribe will have future generations. The gathering of other edibles is mostly less intensive work. Seeing that hunting and gathering are not normally left to be taken care of on the same excursion, the men hunt on their trips, and the women stay behind with their children and harvest wild...
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