Societal Comparisons Ap World History

Topics: Pacific Ocean, Agriculture, Caribbean Pages: 2 (323 words) Published: November 11, 2010
Mesoamerican to South American

Mesoamerican and South American civilizations have similar characteristics, such as having trade relations with each other, as well with their coastal regions, since the Pacific coast yielded abundant amounts of food and resources, such as salt and fish. They both demonstrated the importance of religion by building large religious shrine centers that seemed to dictate their cultural foundations at around the same time. The Mesoamerican and South American both had centralized government and rule, which made it possible to have empires.

Some differences are that the South American civilizations generally lived in the mountains, with showed that not all cities need a river-bed to sustain crops and water, since they received rainfall from coastal winds from the Atlantic and Pacific ocean, while the Mesoamericans live near the coast that had abundant resources such as fish, salt, and seaweed. The Mesoamericans also lived in the northern hemisphere, as to most South American civilizations living in the other.

African to Chinese

The African and Chinese civilizations both used pottery to decorate and represent things that they do. The Chinese’ pottery marked the conversion from Nomadic hunting and gathering to agricultural farming and village settlements. In Africa, the people built terra cotta sculptures that were mainly human heads, which displayed the development of new artistic styles and traditions. Both of them also made the transition from being nomadic and hunting and gathering to having settlements with agricultural farming.

Some differences include different social structures, such as the Chinese having a polycentric government, with many cities relying on one capital, which shifted frequently, and the Africans being more interdependent, rather than having centralization. The Chinese also had early evidence of written languages from “Oracle bones”, while there wasn’t much proof of the African civilizations having...
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