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Social Speech: Presentation
I heard on the radio the other day that London Ontario was ranked the happiest city to live. I thought that couldn’t be right, but visiting today, I understood why; a city of elderly and drunk students. With that said,

Hello students, elderly,
And welcome to the first annual Canadian University Report
I’m John Stakhouse, editor in chief, and it is my great privilege to recognize Western University for Canada’s Most Satisfied Students, tenth year in a row Indeed, I hear it has been a great start for Western.

A fantastic O-Week, and an amazing clubs week.
A cheerful Homecoming win...for the women’s hockey team, and I’m sure, a forgetful, or rather drinking weekend to the rest. Really, Richmond St. was a spectacular sight Saturday. The number of students out was astonishing. If we were in any other country, international headlines this morning would have thought a riot occurred, rather than a display of spirits. Western truly is one of Canada’s top universities, consistently producing the most Top 40, Under 40 award recipients. In our survey of over 33 000 students, with questions ranging over 16 categories, Western placed first in 8, and tied for first for 2. These categories included quality of education, quality of teaching, recreation and athletics, and most important of all, food services. University life is not just reading, writing, and listening. It’s more than that. It’s the experience of a lifetime created by you, the people around you, and your campus. So be confident that this important milestone in your life is spent at the right place. Once again, let’s give it a round of applause to Western University!
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