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  • Published : May 7, 2014
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Native American Religion Before

Native American religion revolved around believing in many spirits. Many of them shared some basic belief about the hidden and mysterious forces of the world around them. There religious beliefs of American Native people touched every area of their lives. There are many types of religion in Native American culture but they mostly believed in “spirits” or “mythology” they believed that everything had a spirit and that each “spirit” touch their lives in some way. Each tribe had its own set of religious observances devoted to there culture. Individuals tried to appease powerful spiritual with private prayers or sacrifices of valuable items such as tobacco (consider the most sacred plant) but when entire communities sought to ensure a successful hunt, a good harvest, or victory in warfare they turned to shamans or priests because they believed they had special powers that made it possible to communicate directly with the “spirits”. For an example most Native cultures before honoured a great spirit known by a host of a different names including Gitche Manitou (the Micmac, Objiwbe (people from the South Arctic) and many others.

Native American Religion Now

Many Native Americans still follow there beliefs in spirits but there culture of religion has changed slightly. Though many tribes back then had there own set of religion they still have the common religion of believing in the spirits. Though now as we fast forward into the future not much has change with the religion of the first Nations; however it mainly depends on what type of tribe/group you are in, because many tribes or groups follow different types of religions that vary from place to place and time to time. Though some our unique to an individual Native American tribes, while others our practiced by a wide range and variety, the most recognizable church for them would be the pan-Indian Native American Church.