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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Social Isolationism due to the Internet

1. Introduction

The Internet has been an essential tool for the growth of society. With the help of the Internet, inclusive of smart phones, society has been able to revolutionize the way people function and communicate in their daily lives and work, drastically increasing productivity and also to facilitate a better work-life balance. (Gibbs. N, 2012) However, as society "plugs themselves" in to the Internet, the dependency for the Internet increases almost to the point of addiction, giving birth to trends of isolationism throughout society. The purpose of this paper is to discuss how the Internet is leading society to become more isolated and look into the negative issues such as society's inability to socialize without Internet social media platforms, developing reclusive behaviors as a result of the convenience the Internet provides and also a positive one, such as, how it enables society to connect internationally with ease.

2. Disadvantages
2.1 Inability to socialize without social media platforms
People prefer to start "conversations" on social media platforms because they prefer the anonymity that these platforms provide and they find it easier to communicate via Facebook instead of in-person interactions due to social anxiety. (Howard. J, 2012) According to an analysis done internationally and published in AsiaOne, Singaporeans spends the most time on the social media website Facebook. (AsiaOne, 2011) This clearly shows how much time Singaporeans spend on just one particular social media website attempting to create "pseudo conversations" with others. 2.2 Reclusive behavior due to convenience of the Internet

Closely related to the inability to socialize without social media, they also develop a very reclusive behavior. Being able to do many things from the safety of their homes on the Internet, they do not need to ever leave their homes. Basic necessities and groceries can be bought from websites such...