Socialize as a Men/Women

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Name: Pham Thi Minh Huyen
Class: Sociology

How have you been socialize as a man/ woman? The documentary that we watch in class, Codes of Gender, shows how images in advertising have socialized us to out gender roles as men/ women. What other thing, beside advertising images, have socialized you to act as a man/woman. Journal Entry

In our society, socialization has shaped us variously. The effect the society has on our daily life from the beginning, in every stage in life is incredibly from our beliefs to our identity and including the gender roles in the society. Each of us takes a specific role in describing ourselves in the most suitable way for the world to understand. The biological is the origin how the society defines whom is male and woman. The gender roles appear in the images the world sees us in a physical appearance and the action each perform that suit their physical origin. Male is masculine, strong and protective. On the other hand, female is feminine, weak and empathetic. The gender roles appear in the society in the characteristics and the responsible in act. Since I was a young child, the appearance is the first agent that I can define myself as a woman. Though I like to wear pants, my mother usually has me wear dresses. However, the first impression on clothing and images that had me recognized myself as girl who is opposite to boys. When I go to school, she told me to behave myself and try to be good to others, to obey the direction and listen to other telling to avoid the problems and conflicts because I am not tough enough. When I go to school, the naughty jokes the children played like hiding other’s shoes or drawing chalks on the teacher’s table, while the boys have their punishment, the girls tend to have criticism to never behave like a boy since you are a girl. It’s my thinking that is normal to be naughty as a boy but a shame to have those manners to a girl since women are shy, tender and femininity. Now a day, since...
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