Socialization a Key Factor

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  • Published : December 21, 2012
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Socialization is a key factor in keeping social order in our world, the functionalist theory ties into how the world works. The world would not be comprehendible without the socialization of people within a society. Language, for example, is a key factor in people becoming socialized; it is a way one expresses their feelings about the past and future. People understand each other and their feelings through language.

Functionalism examines macroscopic levels of society and interactionism examines the individual. These are both similar to the ways that socialization can be viewed. Socialization views the individual but it also can view micro- and macroscopic levels of society. Symbolic interactionism makes value from personal experiences, but functionalism makes value of something that exists among groups. Socialization is similar to interactionism because often we gain that from personal experiences and what we are taught from birth.

There are many strengths to this theory. Functionalism states that education plays a key role in creating a person’s identity. One of the agents of socialization is the school. School teaches specific knowledge and skills, that goes along with education. School has a wide effect on a child’s self image, which functionalist believe education is a key role in creating ones identity. Also, another one of many strengths is that functionalists believe that everything has a function and purpose, if it wasn’t for one thing, then another couldn’t happen; going along with socialization, if it wasn’t for your parents then you wouldn’t become socialized, one thing they do goes into something else, etc.

The functionalist theory on socialization also has its limitations. Functionalism can be arguably naïve, almost like everyone has the same values and norms. Socialization is different in some ways for each individual, some people may be taught different emotions, for example, love; not everyone is taught how to love, therefore someone who...
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