Socialization and Criminal Behavior

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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Socialization and Criminal Behavior
Theodore Robert Cowell, known to the world as Ted Bundy was one of the most notorious serial killers of all times. The socialization references in his biography has a connection with the social process theories; specifically differential association theory. Ted Bundy was antisocial from a very young age, which contributed to his criminal behavior. Another theory that described him was differential reinforcement theory. He felt a feeling of empowerment from stealing. Bundy felt he was entitled to the stolen property. The social process theories correspond with each other because it states that criminal behavior is part of the socialization process (Siegel, 2006). After reading Ted Bundy’s biography, I agree socialization development can bring on criminal behavior in an individual. Ted Bundy was raised by his grandparents; though, he thought they were his actual parents while his older sister was indeed his biological mother. His biological father was never in the picture. Bundy was a shy child that liked to be by himself and did not like to be in social situations (Bell, 2011). His mother married a man named Johnnie Bundy. Ted Bundy did not care for Johnnie despite his efforts to bond as father and son. Ted isolated himself from Johnnie because he felt uncomfortable around Johnnie. He even isolated himself at school. Ted did not like to socialize in his early years. Even though Ted Bundy was not very social in his younger years at school, he was very smart and driven when it came to his studies. As Ted went into high school he became a different person. He was more popular and outgoing, but nothing ever affected his grades. Ted Bundy eventually graduated from college and he excelled in psychology. Ted met his first true love of his life in college. Many authors say that this woman changed his life in all aspects. He did not date much before he met the love of his life. Even though he was popular he still...
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