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Vasin Hussa
October 17, 2012
Soc 101
Socialization Paper
In the paper “The Code of the Streets” by Elijah Anderson, it summarizes and presents us the issues of the poor inner-city neighborhoods. Anderson distinguishes these inner-city neighborhoods by splitting it into two groups. These groups would “decent” and “street” residents. Although they live in the same vicinity of these inner-city neighborhoods, they hold different ways of living and different values. These two types of groups interact with each other and sets values for themselves on how they will carry themselves as they grow up into adults.

According to Anderson, these “street” parents are considered to lack the concern of family and their communities. Parents are often out of the equation of the child’s life and are alcoholics or drug addicts. This can result to many issues on the child at hand. Being left alone most of the time to fend for themselves and cause them to join gangs and grow up in an unhealthy lifestyle. These children lack the needed supervision and can affect them dramatically. All of these aspects result to them becoming violent being that it is their way to cope with situations and make up this social pyramid to be at the top and be well respected by other inner-city children, teenagers, and adults.

However, “decent” families are generally to have a mainstream value put upon them. Although they are raised in these inner-city neighborhoods, they try to better themselves by working their way out of these types of neighborhoods. They are generally better off financially than the “street” families and teach their kids to be respectful to others. “Decent” families strive to be better than most “street” families, which can result in a better life for the children. They instill to their kids to lead and maintain a positive attitude.

Author and researcher Melissa Milkie conducted a study about how social media can affect the self-esteem of girls. The data consisted of...
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