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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Plato sees education as having an explicit socializing function in society. Critically evaluate his account. See (the first sections of Part III The Republic.) I concur with Plato’s statement that education has an explicit socialising function in society. In modern societies, education is the most important agent of socialisation after the family. Schools are the first impersonal and collective environment that children encounter. When a child starts school he/she enters entirely new situations and experiences that help the child to grow and develop personally. Whereas schools’ official function is the transmission of knowledge, they also promote certain values such as honesty, competition, respect and individualism. It is in school that children learn the norms of society; cheating is wrong, being punctual is important, you show respect to people with authority i.e. the teacher. Socialisation during education may be informal through the hidden curriculum e.g. interacting with others or it may be formal e.g. transmitting culture by learning the language or music of a society. Schools are also important agents of social control. They encourage acceptance and compliance with basic school rules and ways of behaviour e.g. punctuality, wearing uniforms and respect for authority. Rewards and sanctions are used to encourage compliance. Education is an important factor in the holistic, emotional, intellectual and moral development of the individual. Dexterity is achieved by taking part in activities such as playing with building blocks and jigsaws. Physical skills are developed in subjects such as Science and Art. Sport and Physical Education also contribute to the physical development of an individual during school going years. However, the first stage from Education by Plato we read that; ‘Their minds and characters which are more important than their bodies’. This is a theory of Plato’s that I strongly disagree...
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