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Socialisation Essay
Jarvis (2006) defines socialisation as ‘the process whereby people acquire the rules of behaviour and the systems of beliefs and attitudes that form part of life in their society’. Socialisation influences the way people think, believe and act. Socialisation occurs through different types of interactions between human beings such as family and peers. It helps build their personal identity and personality. In this essay, my socialisation as an individual will be discussed and links between my socialisation and significant social processes will be identified. According to Aspin (1992), there are diverse phases of the socialisation process, and each of them appears at different stages of people’s life. The socialisation process takes place from the day a person is born until death. Maynard and Thomas (2009) state that some theorists such as Talcott Parsons, ‘distinguish between primary socialisation, which includes the laying down of fundamental characteristics of personality, basic values, and so on; and secondary socialisation, representing the continuing effect of group interaction and culture on our habits, thoughts and values throughout life’. Primary socialisation takes place during early childhood within the family. As for me, my family has played a big role in my life and has influenced me in being the person I am today. They have transmitted their values to me over the course of my childhood. Learning the norms that my family acknowledges and follows were natural and even today those norms reside in me. They taught me about moral values of life which help me distinguishing between the right and wrong. They have influenced me emotionally by always loving me unconditionally and supporting me throughout different stages of my life. Theorists claim that primary socialisation within families are necessary and that they are factories which produce human personalities. According to me, they are right as people who know me well say that my...
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