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Topics: Great Depression, Gender role, Role Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Socials Essay : Contributions of canadian women to the war effort

In Canadian history, the women have always had a place and a role set out for them.WW2 began with the invading of Poland by Germany in September 1939, where shortly after that also Canada entered the war.There has always been a certain “ladylike” image that women have been expected to fit, placing limitations on the role women could assume in society. During WWI women were seen working in factories and doing “men’s jobs” that were certainly not consistent with the female stereotypes of the time.This time things were somewhat different, and those differences brought about huge changes for the lives of Canadian women. The involvement of Canadian women in WWII was one of the most important primary steps towards Canada’s current state.

WWII greatly helped the role of women. Women, as soon as the war was started, were desperatley needed in the workforce after thousands of job vancancies opened up when the men went to war. Women were encouraged to leave their traditional house-wife roles of cooking, cleaning, and raising the children to work in munitions factories. These jobs eventually began increasing the women's pay; although this never equalled to the amount the men were making.Because of the importance of all the workers, some companies built dormitories close to their factories to house and support their workers.

Women’s involvement in the military was a massive contribution of WWII to Canada’s feminist movement because it was the first time in Canadian history that women were permitted to join the military forces in roles besides nursing. In 1941, the Canadian Women’s Army Corps (CWAC) and the Royal Canadian Air Force (Women’s Division) were formed.In Addition to that in Ontario and Quebec, where the industriey were concentrated, factories offered daycare centres.By 1945, almost one-third of all Canadian women were employed in the war effort, which was a great change to the unemployment...
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