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Who are social workers? Has the social worker to be one of the ideals of small children? It’s certainly not at all. Most parents do not want children to be recognized as a social worker or a volunteer. They consider the social worker was not popular and do not have a fixed income. While social work is very widespread, and it should be a professional job. Social worker role or responsibility is very heavy. They need to have a general knowledge of the various things done to ease the problem. Social workers play a role as an educator to help educate today's youth to be a useful to religion and nation someday. To become a professional social worker is necessary to accept various exercises so that they have more knowledge and skills to help the community out. Social institute of Malaysia or known as the ISM, can provide various training to social workers. ISM is an institution under the ministry of developing the women, family and community. One embodiment of the ISM objective is to develop social workers who are proficient and professional. Key words: Social worker, role of social worker, ISM

What is social worker and how to be professional in this career? Introduction
Have any of the children who have ambitions to become a Social Worker? Did parent encourage them to be a social worker? It is because the teen has no idea about what is social worker. Did a social problem issue only can be solved by the police or government? Did this job has no glamour and not look professional like doctor, lawyer or accountant? No, perception society was wrong. We as a society have a great role to help solve problems such as poverty, social problems, natural disasters, social conflicts, juvenile delinquency and other forms of social pathology continue to emerge. Therefore, this work should have a professionally thinking to solve the problems. Who is a social worker?

Who is a Social Worker? Are they the giver assistance to the victims of natural disasters, flood victims, victims of conflict? Social work is one of the applied social sciences who study the activities of aid to the principles and methodologies that can be measured. In this case social work activities focused on human interaction with the social environment. Social work is the professional activity of helping individuals, groups, or communities enhance or restore their ability to function in society and creating societal conditions favorable to this goal. Social Work Practice comprises professional application of Social Work values, principles, and techniques to help people obtain tangible services, counseling and psychotherapy with individuals, families, and groups as well as helping communities or groups provide or improve processes. Practice of Social Work requires knowledge of human development and behavior, social institutions, economy, and culture, and the interaction of all these factors In accordance with the character of the profession of Social Workers has submitted that is a very loaded profession of values, the structuring of society (social engineering) means organizing and directing the development of society with firmly based on socio-cultural values of society itself, to develop a society that is rooted in the culture of society itself. Social workers help people overcome problems and make their lives better. They might work with people who are problem families’ homeless, sick, or anything else. On average, Malaysia has over 2,000 social workers by only 10 percent or 200 people are recognized as skilled, knowledgeable, and professional in dealing with social problems while the field has long been established. Nearly every day we see reports on social issues such as crime and neglect, child abuse, domestic violence, neglect of the elderly, suffering beggars and others in the media, the role and responsibility of social workers is considered very relevance now. In fact, all the growing social problems that require a more holistic method to deal...
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