Social Work Thories

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Social Work Theories

Social Work Theories
A social work theory provides an objective analysis of problems experienced by a society and the theoretical basis for various practices that are aimed towards dealing with them. These theories differ in their approach to solving social problems. Read to get a perspective of modern theoretical models, that represent different paradigms of social change. Social work is all about dealing with the various problems that besiege a society, inhibiting our growth as individuals and as a civilization. A society as a system is substantially complex to analyze and social problems arising out of internal interactions are even more so. Social work theories provide a framework within which the source of a problem can be identified and an effective solution can be devised. In short, they provide a methodology for practitioners to analyze the problems and find solutions. In this article, I provide an overview of modern social work theory that has diverged into various schools of thought. This is not a comprehensive list of theories but only a representative compilation of the various forms, which have their origin in different schools of thought. The problems of a society can be analyzed at various levels and through various means. Only the prime schools of thought are presented here.

T heories of Social Work
Every social worker intends to direct his efforts towards making the world a better place to live. However, good intentions do not guarantee good results. What's needed is incisive analysis and the creation of a strategy, which can be effective in neutralizing the problem. Doing it for the right reasons is not enough. It has to be done the right way. How exactly one goes about solving a particular social problem depends on its nature, as each one is unique in itself. Sound social work theory provides the path to analyze the root cause of a problem and identifies the best course of action. Of course, there are more...
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