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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog
The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog by Dr. Bruce D. Perry is an insightful memoir about a physiatrist’s experiences while working with children who are ridden with psychological disorders due to long term and sever trauma. Each child disused in the reading is unique in their experiences and the consequences of long term neglect and abuse that the children were subjected to at an early age. Throughout the course of the book, the author unravels these traumatic experiences and relates to how they have influence on the child’s current mental state. Dr. Perry uses unconventional and insightful techniques to work with these children, and help them to adapt to social enviornments, florish in an educational setting and allow them to live normal and healthy lives. Dr. Perry thinks outside of the box when working with his clients, and no two treatments are alike. My initial reaction to the reading was one of astoundment, Dr. Perry was able to catch little glitches deeply imbedded into the brain’s coding system. His ability to catch these reasons why a child behaves a certain way is impressive. I was most perplexed by Amber’s case. The fact that Dr. Perry was able to make the connect of previous abuse to her current physical state was a complicated theory to grasp; he made the comparison to her unconious state to a herion addict who had experienced an overdose, and ultimately saved her life by adminstating the drug the woke her up from her state in moments. Dr. Perry’s ability to dive into the inter-workings of the brain allowed the majority of his clients to live a somewhat normal life.

While reading these cases, it is easy to feel sadness for the trauma the children experienced at such a young age. As a social worker, it is important to become numb to the emotions that come with this kind of neglect and abuse, but it is also important to let your feelings or emotions get into the way of effective treatment and help. A social...
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