Social Work Case Study

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Initial assessment The initial assessment will begin with the two children and thus proceed with an assessment of their parents. Other considerations will be included such as other adults living with in the household namely Michael and Edith with consideration of their environment. Darren

Darren at risk of receiving an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO); however O’Dell (2011) suggests youths are often misunderstood by society and implies ASBO’s contribute to this by adding to fears of crime rather than a true reflection of actual offences. Furthermore Crawford (2010) suggests adolescence is a time of turmoil in terms of transcending from childhood to adult and implies cultural influences play an important role in finding ones identity. Although Darren has expressed he enjoys school when it is football and art Darren behaviour, missing school and attracting the attention of the police is a cause of concern to his father Graham Bennett, this is reflected in Graham’s attempts to ground Darren and the unfortunate pushing incident that lead to Darren having a cut above his ear. In addition Darren’s school question the validity of Darren’s explanation of his head injury and have concerns over his poor attendance at school, which has led to this referral. Jessica

Jessica’s school have made this referral over concerns of her behaviour, delayed learning and delayed speech, however aside from any possible medical implications pertaining to Jessica’s delayed speech, in regard to Jessica’s behaviour the family dynamics which will be highlighted later in this assessment, may suggest difficulties in Jessica’s attachment (Ainsworth 1978 cited in Howe 2009 p45), suggests, when a child has unmet attachment needs they may become confused and frustrated. Maclean (2009) echoes this by stating Children “express attachment anxiety in their behaviour”. Graham

Graham is clearly concerned over his anxiety issues; Lishman (2007) suggests anxiety can affect an individual’s ability to function normally. Graham has attempted to address this with visits to his doctor who has prescribed anti-depressants, nevertheless Graham feels increasingly isolated from other family members and as developed alcohol dependency that maybe due to unemployment or a perceived lack of purpose with in his family unit. Furthermore Rantakeisu (1999) implies the long term unemployed experience high levels of anxiety and reduced levels of self-esteem. In addition (Goffman 1990 cited in Thompson 2010) refers to a “spoilt identity”, referring to social stigma and how cultural influences can be damaging to an individual’s identity. Karen

Karen has expressed her wish to improve her employment prospects by returning to education however Karen is working two jobs at present, due to this Karen spends a lot of time out of the family home. Karen as expressed feelings of being overwhelmed and feels Graham should do more to help with the children while he is unemployed. In addition there appears to be an over reliance on Michael Karen’s eldest son from a previous relationship. Adding to Karen’s family commitment strains Karen as experienced the loss of her mother two years ago, (Kubler-Ross cited in Lishman 2007p202) suggests those whom are grieving go through a transitional phase that may include denial. Correlating to this is Currer (2009) suggests individual experiences of loss effect behaviour. This may explain Karen’s reluctance to engage with Jessica’s school and may wish to avoid any further anxiety this may cause. In addition Currer (2009) implies a broad view of loss would enable the Social worker to be truly anti oppressive. Michael Rogers

Michael is Karen’s eldest son from a previous relationship and lives in the family home, at present he is sharing a bedroom with Darren and Jessica. He supports his mother with Jessica by taking and collecting her from school. However Michael is concealing personal...
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