Social Work

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Social Work Values and Ethics
The 6 core values of the NASW code of ethics include service, social justice, dignity, and worth of a person, he importance of human relationships, integrity and competence. Social workers have ethical responsibilities to clients, colleagues, in practice settings, as professionals, to the social work profession and the broader society. Social workers must be critical thinkers in order to deal with ethical dilemmas. Social workers have ethical obligations at a Macro level.

Social workers must always uphold client privacy and confidentiality. Privacy is the condition of being free from unauthorized observation or intrusion. Confidentiality is the ethical principle that workers should not share information provided by a client unless they have the clients explicit permission.

Social workers codes
Code of ethics states that social workers should not engage in dual relationships with clients of former clients. Dual relationships can interfere with professional relationships.

There are 11 areas where social workers have an Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues. The must maintain respect for colleagues even when differences arise. Social workers should make referrals when other areas of expertise are required. Social workers must have integrity, evaluation and research. Integrity refers to social workers promotion of high practice standards.

SW's Ethical Responsibility to the broader society
Ethical Responsibility in a broader society include four areas that reflect the core of social work. To advocate and work for people's general welfare. Social workers should become actively involved in the formation of public policy and flock to provide during emergencies. Social workers should pursue social and political action to ensure fair and equal access to resources and opportunities.

Personal and professional values
It is extremely important that has a social worker we never impose our beliefs and...
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