Social Work

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Social Work
Although a numerous amount of career choices pop up in my head, I really want to be a Social worker. I want to be a Social worker mainly because it would allow me to make a fundamental difference in the life of someone else and that’s all I can ever ask for.

Social workers work in all fields. A Social worker can work in a school, a hospital, for the state, or any non-profit organization. If and when I do become a Social worker, I’ll always be on the move. I’ll work with a variety of people. This would help me because I like interacting with people and at the same time, I’ll be helping them resolve their issues whether it’s minor or major. In addition, it’s the Social worker’s job to regularly confront with their clients who have radically different backgrounds which forces them to learn about other people.

Social workers work 40 hours a week. This means that I’ll be working five days a week for eight hours a day .During these eight hours of the day I might see four to five clients and develop enough research on them to make sure their issues are resoved.The work and methods I use would be different because everyone don’t have the same problems, that’s what makes this career field so unique.

Working 40 hours a week would help me maintain my rap career as well. Although this job consists of me working overtime a few days out the week, I’ll still be satisfied. I want my work hours to be from 8: oo a.m-4:oop.m. The environment I’ll be working in would be mostly indoors and safe. Stress can be involved in this job, but only if your work life gets involved in your professionalism.

The typical salary for a Social worker in New Orleans is $47,000.The salary for Social workers typically stays the same unless you higher your education. I choose this career because I want to say that I understand what drives the human behavior and the decisions they make. Although Social workers don’t get paid the money that sports players do, I’ll be able to say that...
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