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Topics: Child abuse, Child sexual abuse, Human sexual behavior Pages: 7 (2186 words) Published: December 2, 2012

Effectively Helping Children and the Youth
Cecibel Rivera
Austin Peay State University

Children and the youth are the future of society. It is extremely important to learn the best skills to help children and the youth in need. There are so many misfortunes that happen to children and the youth. They can either end up in the foster care system or become physically, mentally, or sexually abused. As Social Workers is important to repeatedly maintain education in order to apply the best skills possible in helping the children and the youth. Younger children tend to gear towards their older siblings. Unfortunately some children do not have the privilege of having a family support nor older siblings. The reason why some students after completing training join as volunteers siblings is to work in the shelters to help young residents. The support systems these teens offer help smaller children get through difficult times. The Eskin (1991) talks about a teen named Whitney helping Audrey a younger girl in the foster care system. These teens learn how to manage their emotions to gain a better insight of their own experiences. Audrey is portrayed in this article as a girl coming from an abusive family. She as many other children who have few copying resources receive temporary care from these shelters. At the beginning of the article Audrey is presented as a girl with self- awareness of her situation. The Eskin cholastic update (1991) talks about Audrey’s carrying a photo album of ten years with different families. She is one of the many cases where she does not have other family who was willing to take care of her and her sister. Her father remarried but did not take responsibility to take care of her. When her mother died she was placed in foster care. Whitney is one of the forty teens from River Forest High School. Whitney says, “She knows she might not be able to prevent all cases of child abuse, … but she can do something to help a few young victims (Eskin, 1991 p. 1)”. Whitney begins to develop a friendship with Audrey. Whitney knows that Audrey needs to develop the skills to identify and express her feelings freely. Children without that family support system a lot of times lack the verbal skills to label their emotions. As simple as it sounds Whitney identifies that Audrey needs someone to talk to. Even though Audrey is in the shelter she states, “She is grateful for the shelter”. Towards the end of the article it says, “Big brothers and Big sisters hope that by simply offering their friendship, the can smooth the path for the victims of abuse (Eskin 1991, p. 2)”. It is amazing how something as simple as a friendship can make a difference in someone’s life. More Child welfare programs should improvise teenagers’ help more frequent.

Sexual orientation is large struggle within the youth population. Many do not know how to deal with it and many times have no one to talk to. Society imposes lesbian, gay, and bisexuals as a mental problem. Many adolescents see this and have a fear to speak out about their feelings. Research (e.g., American Academy of Pediatrics et al., 2008) recognizes that “all students have an opportunity to learn and develop in a safe and supportive environment (p.2)”. It is important for lesbian, gay, and bisexual teens feel safe in their school environment. American Academy of Pediatrics e.g., et al (2008) stated that the booklet was created for “principals, educators, and school personnel with accurate information that will help them respond to a recent upsurge in promotion of efforts to change sexual orientation through therapy and religious ministries (p.2)”. Sexual orientation conversion therapy is the attempt of individuals to try to get rid of adolescent sexual orientation through counseling and psychotherapy. Lesbians, gays, and bisexuals are a higher risk of depression because they have no one...
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