Social Welfare: Historical Periods

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Social Welfare

Historical Periods

For The Early History of Social Welfare Policy in America you see a lot of early forms of governmental aid. The Elizabethan Poor Laws provided aid for those who were basically unemployed for example if a farmer’s crop does not produce that year, relatives would pitch in to aid that farmer so they could survive. As it progressed into the later years government was becoming more organized. Jobs were produced through industries in the city. In the Early Relief in the United States you saw forms of medical care, people who could not afford to take care of themselves or family members were placed under the care of someone who could afford to take care of them at a low cost. In the Rural to Urban Migration people would migrate from poor communities to cities hoping to find jobs there, to make a better life for themselves. You see this today in migration from other countries to America people come here to start a new life because of the better job opportunities. In the Progressive Era you would see people higher in society sacrificing things to help out the poor. You would also see people seeking to hold some sort of governmental office giving things to the poor to gain votes. You see this all the time today when politicians run for office, they always promise or do something to gain votes. In this period you see a lot of early forms of American government, even though they are basic they progressed into something much greater.

In The Great Depression and FDR’s New Deal you see how America’s social welfare changed for forever. The stock market crashed and sent America directly into a depression, with this unemployment went through the roof. FDR’s New Deal called for relief, recovery, and reform. Things such as food assistance, and temporary work programs came into effect which you still see today. There is unemployment pay and food stamps today that allow those who do not have a job or simply can’t afford to pay for life’s...
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