Social Welfare Administration

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Social Welfare Administration
Administrative arrangements for Social Welfare in India S.Rengasamy Madurai Institute of Social Sciences


S.Rengasamy. Social Welfare Administration. Administrative Arrangements for Social Welfare in India

Concept, Objectives and Principles of Social Welfare Administration Definitions of Social Welfare Social Welfare is centered around two basic concepts Administration Social Welfare / Work Administration Social Welfare / Work administration distinguishing characters. Purpose: Nature of Services Representation Values Content Principles of Social Work Administration Acceptance Democratic involvement in formulation of agency policies and procedures Open communication Principles as explained by Trecker Functions and Scope of Social Welfare Administration Social Welfare Administration requires Faith in the Philosophy and methods of Social Welfare Familiarity with social work practice. Knowledge about social legislation

Functions of Social Welfare Administrators/Agencies Institutional level (Higher level) Rosemary Sarri /Dunham Managerial level (Middle level) Personality requirements for a Social Welfare Executive Technical level (Lower level) Knowledge required for an executive Attitudes &Skills required for an executive Evolution of Social Welfare Ministry in India Subjects allocated to the Ministry of Social Subjects allocated to Ministry of Women and Justice & Empowerment Child Development Administrative Arrangement for Social Welfare in Tamilnadu Social Welfare based on the Policy Note (Govt of Tamilnadu) Women’s Welfare Programs for Economic Development of Marriage Assistance Programs Women Dr. Muthulakhsmi Reddy Ninaivu Mahapperu Nidhi Uthavi Thittam Institutional Care Partnership with Non-Governmental Organizations Other Schemes for Women Tamilnadu Social Welfare Board Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women Tamil Nadu Commission for Women Limited Women Recreation Centers Vocational Training Programs [VTP - NORAD - STEP] Entrepreneurship Development [EDP] Program for Women

Child Welfare
Tamilnadu Integrated Nutrition Project Children in Need of Care and Protection Adolescent Girls Program Tamil Nadu Govt. Welfare Scheme for the Girl Child Pre-School Program Adoption Services Karunai Illams NGO Partnership for the Welfare of Children Puratchi Thalaivar MGR Nutritious Meal Program Integrated Child Development Scheme

Government Rehabilitation Homes [Leprosy] Government Care Camp [Beggars] Melappakkam, Chennai


S.Rengasamy. Social Welfare Administration. Administrative Arrangements for Social Welfare in India Rehabilitation of the Disabled Special Education of the Disabled Social Defense Juvenile Welfare Boards Juvenile Courts Drug Abuse Prevention Institutions Established Under Juvenile Justice Act.1986 Vigilance / Protective Homes under Immoral Traffic [Prevention] Act.1956. Scheme for Providing Night Shelter for the Street Children Other Schemes for Children

Associated Organizations of Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Social Welfare & Welfare State Etymology The development of welfare states Debating the welfare state The welfare state and social expenditure


S.Rengasamy. Social Welfare Administration. Administrative Arrangements for Social Welfare in India

‘Enterprise builds society while charity builds character’ Social Welfare Administration Concept, Objectives and Principles of Social Welfare Administration Social : Group interaction/ Non commercial/ Philanthropic. Non-commercial action that does not strictly fall within the public competitive market process of sales and purchase. Welfare: A state of faring or doing well Positive: Enjoyment of health, prosperity etc. Negative: Freedom from clamity, sickness etc. Welfare originated to help those individuals who could not purchase their needs in the market according to the commercial exchange rate. It is a reaction to the commercial base. The term ‘social’ thus historically...
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