Social Sustainability

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Social sustainability
Social sustainability is one aspect of sustainability or sustainable development. Social sustainability encompasses human rights, labor rights, and corporate governance. In common with environmental sustainability, social sustainability is the idea that future generations should have the same or greater access to social resources as the current generation ("inter-generational equity"), while there should also be equal access to social resources within the current generation ("intra-generational equity"). Social resources include ideas as broad as other cultures and basic human rights. Also we can speak of Sustainable Human Development that can be seen as development that promotes the capabilities of present people without compromising capabilities of future generations [1]. In the human development paradigm, environment and natural resources should constitute a means of achieving better standards of living just as income represents a means of increasing social expenditure and, in the end, well-being.[2]. The different aspects of social sustainability are often considered in socially responsible investing (SRI). Social sustainability criteria that are commonly used by SRI funds and indexes to rate publicly-traded companies include: community, diversity, employee relations, human rights, product safety, reporting, and governance structure[3][4]. From the philosophical aspect of Social sustainability, it focuses on individuals' behaviours, attitude and actions. The way of living towards a socially sustainable way may not necessarily providing a promotion of luxury and wealth, but rather, the development of reverse-consumerism. The ideal sustainable life style is not to end consumption but understanding the minimalistic requirement of it. Going back to the traditional source of behavioural teachings, parenting, the value of indirect education from quotidian conversations in a cross-generation setting allows individuals to develop social...
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