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  • Published: March 11, 2014
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Caribbean Examination Council
Social Studies
School Based Assessment (SBA)
Year 2012

Name of Candidate :
Name of School :
School Center :
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Syllabus Relevance : Individual, Family and society
Title : An investigation into the major effects of spousal abuse in Belle Isle Road Community? Table of Content


Chapter one

Statement of Problem
Research Questions

Chapter two

Method of Investigation
Instrument Used to Collect Data
Procedure Used to Collect Data

Chapter three

Presentation and Explanation of Data
Analysis and Interpretation of Data

Chapter four


Chapter five



I have developed an attitude of gratitude because it is good to give credit to whom they are due. As a result, I wish to give thanks for everything that happens to me knowing that every step forward is accepting something bigger and better than my current situation. Firstly I must say thanks to the respondents who cooperated by completing the questionnaires so data can be gathered, collected and presented. Secondly I must say thanks to the almighty God for giving me the health and strength as I preserve the task of completing this S.B.A. I want to thank God for giving me the supportive friends who contributed in special ways. Special thanks to my Social Studies teacher Miss Sterling for aiding in the process of getting this S.B.A done and helping me to understand some of the topics associated with this project that was done not so clear to me. Their assistance was priceless and treasurable to me.

This study was conducted in ....., ........ in the Parish ....... and the county of ......... it has approximately one hundred and twenty households. It is approximately 15 kilometers from the .................

I have been living in .......... for the past sixteen years. During this time, I have observed how often men and women are been abused by their partners. .............. is a farming community and residents are predominantly from the Indian race. The residents are employed in various occupations such as sugar factory workers, hotel workers, electrician etc. The community boasts a church, high school and restaurants. It is with this in mind that I have decided to conduct a study to investigate the major effects of spousal abuse in ........ Community.

Statement of the problem
What are the major effects of spousal abuse in the ............ Community?

Research Questions
1. What is spousal abuse?
2. What are the causes of spousal abuse?
3. What are some of the effect of spousal abuse?
4. What are some ways by which spousal abuse can be prevented?

Spousal abuse is a long–standing, entrenched societal problem, yet it is only in recent years that the Belle Isle Road Community has taken notice of it. The researcher chose this topic because of the increased in spousal abuse which has been attributed to the rampant disregards for the decayed values and attitude. There is, therefore the need to critically examine why men and women beat their partners

Method of Investigation
In order to collect data from survey, the researcher have decided to use printed questionnaires which were distributed to both men and women in the community.

The questionnaire as a tool of collecting data has a number of advantages which are as follow: 1. The questionnaires were used because a lot of information can be collected in short period of time. 2. It facilitates easy data analysis, throughout the use of structured questions. 3. It is a reliable source.

There were sixteen questionnaires that were distributed on the 1st of January 2012 and collected on the 20th of January 2012....
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