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Topics: Chart, Secondary education, Unemployment Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: January 21, 2013
9. TASK 6Figure 1, a bar graph showing where the respondents first got theirinformation about HIV/AIDS. 3 out of 20 people first get informationfrom the school 1 out of 20 person from the church, 1out of 20 from themedia while the other 6 out of 20 got their information from friends.Figure 2,is a pie chat showing the respondents views on the question, Ifa close friend is tested positive for HIV/AODS, how would one treatedthat person? According to the data gathered 50% said they will treatthat person same as usual, 20% said they will scorn that person, 10% ofthe respondents with complete isolation while the other 20% will treatthat person with caution.Figure 3, represents the response of the respondents to the question inwhich they were ask how many persons are willing to join the fightagainst HIV/AIDS. According to the data collected 13 person arewilling to join the fight against HIV/AIDS while the other 7respondents are not willing to join the fight against HIV/AID. 10. TASK 7Twenty questionnaires were shared randomly to bath male and female, ages18-40 years. All respondents agreed that HIV/AIDS is a deadly disease. A 90% respondent indicated that the majority of the sample knows the different ways through which HIV/AIDS can be transmitted. The research also revels that 65% the respondents think that HIV/AIDS victims should be isolated, the majority of persons indicated that they are sexually active and have one sex partner, amongthem condom is used by the majority many of the respondentsagreed that HIV/AIDS persons should be allowed to work andsuch students should remain in the same classroom with HIV/AIDS victims however 50% of the sample think that the name of HIV/AIDS victims should be made public the majority of person are of the views that government should spend money provided dugs for HIV/AIDS victims. Severe punishment should be given to the victims according to the majority of sample who interlineally spread the HIV/AIDS disease. 11. TASK 8 FINDING•...
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