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The speedy completion of this study would not have been possible without the intervention of a number of people’s expertise. Consequently, I would like to thank the citizens of Washington Gardens for their cooperation and valuable time spent on answering these questionnaire distributed to them. Also, much gratitude going towards my mother who was a major help in helping me to distribute the questionnaire and also for printing the papers. Finally, a big commendation to Mr Humba, who guided me though this research


Name of candidate: ________________

School: __________________________

Centre #: _________________________

Candidate #: ______________________

Teacher: __________________________

The level of efficiency of water supply in my community

Table of Contents Page AcknowledgementsIntroductionStatement of the problemMethod of investigationInstrument used to collect dataProcedures used to collect dataPresentation and explanation of dataInterpretation of dataFindingsRecommendations|

Washington Gardens is small community in Kingston. It is located in the county of surrey, Jamaica and is about 12 km from N.W.C. (N.W.C) national water commission is responsible for pumping water to the communities in Jamaica. The community consists of approximately 1000 residents.

Map of Jamaica showing Washington Gardens
I have been living in Washington Gardens for over two years. During this period I have noticed that there is infrequent water supply in the area. There is no special time if or when the water supply will go or come back. At times there can be a broken pipe in the community and that can take a while to fix leading to a shortage of water during maintenance. i have also observed that even when there is a leak the N.W.C would take a while to respond to the leakage...
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